For the first time in Switzerland a tarot festival took place at Schloss Liebegg.

I also got a ticket for Tarot.

At 08.30am there was a sumptuous breakfast buffet as you know the way so in Switzerland (also I was fortunately a few bannans and apples). But a wise witch is alway prepares. So I grabbed myself my vegan food to be also provided for the lunch break.

From 9.00 hrs Wicca Meier-Spring (Witch of the Swiss Witchcraft Museum) and Kim Arnold (a tarotress and teacher) from Great Britain were introduced.

Afterwards, various workshops and lectures began. In between, i had the opportunity to browse the market stalls. The offer went from tarot cards to silver jewelry and accesoirs. Also, one had the opportunity to register for a reading with a medium. As a surprise guest came the painter UrbanTrösch with a few original pictures. He painted the decks for Regula Fiechter.

Now to the workshops and lectures:

Kim Arnold gave interested participants an insight into how to get their own birth card. Later we also learned how to use this card in a ghosting. In the afternoon she also gave a meditation exercise.

Next, the speaker Kirsten Buchholzer (from Hamburg) prepared us for her workshop. She explained how to use the Tarot Cards to recognize the positive and negative characteristics of themselves, and with which cards one could reinforce or weaken them. Those who have mastered this have the possibility to balance themselves with the tarot cards. Great was for the total beginners as I am, could participate. It was even an advantage not to know the meanings of the individual cards ;-). Exciting was what happened, but I will not tell you.

At this point, a warmest thanks to Kerstin Buchholzer for lending her cards. Many of the participants (like me) did not have any cards. Most of them could be covered by card covers by referees, so we could participate in the exercises. At this point, my heartfelt thanks to all who were so helpful.

After lunch we went on with a workshop by Wicca Meier-Spring. We learned how to build a wish ritual with the inclusion of a tarot card. It gave me a lot of fun and I found it a great loosening for between. My card is now under a stone and see if my wish is fulfilled 😉

By the way, I have already participated in many witchcourses at Wicca Meier-Spring and can only recommend them to anyone interested or interested. Her courses are instructive and exciting. They are natural way and approach pleases your heart. Unfortunately she is very camera-like so you can not see her in my next Youtube video.

Yes you have read correctly there is a Youtube video about this day. It will be released next Saturday at the latest. A few interviews will be in English, but also a German one is there. So be curious about my next video. Maybe I can still translate the English.

Susanne Zitzl gave us a lecture on tarot from today and in the past. Exciting was how the meanings of the individual maps of the present time adapted themselves. She also told us a lot about the first card readers in Europe.

Regula Elizabeth Fiechter (creator and author of Mystic Lenormand and Mystic Kipper) gave us an insight into her work. Also original pictures from her map deck could be seen.

The last workshop was initiated by David Wells (Scotland) through his singing voice. The goal was to give the space a different energy and to arrange their chakras to the participants. Afterwards, there was a practical exercise in his work with the tree of life. His casual humorous style was refreshing, and even though I (English-speaking) was hardly able to translate (through Wicca), he sometimes made me smile. Above all, the comparisons of Yoda and Darth Vader from the film Starwars eased me smiles. As a film fan I understood the comparison of course right away. Why film watching everything is good … Attached I have already a lot of useful out of films for my life rausfiltern and apply 😉

David Wells is one of the most famous media on our planet and has already had many successful TV shows. He is a regular keynote speaker and workshop host at Mind Body and Spirit Festivals. He is also present at company events. He travels with his projects through the UK, USA, Japan, Australia and Spain. My amateur interview, too, he has done with calm and professionalism over what was a great relief for me.

At the end of the event we were given a ritual by Wicca Meier Spring and Kim Arnold.

At this point, I would like to sincerely thank all of you, who, despite my lack of understanding, patiently interacted with my interviews. Also a very grateful thanks for the help of English- German speaking the translated my translation into English. For me, the whole was not easy since I have trouble to go to people too. The heartiness which came to me however from the fellow-people came to my heart.

For me it was an exciting day with many new impressions in a fascinating world. What will result from this will be shown. As far as I can hear in 2 years again such a festival held at Schloss Liebegg.

If you want to have time and time in London at the UKTAROT CONFERENCE.